Hannover, Germany -- Deutsche Messe AG is reassigning two managerial slots, effective September 1. Management of the Domotex portfolio – which includes floorcovering events in Hannover, Shanghai, Atlanta, and Gaziantep, Turkey – passes from Susanne Klaproth to Sonia Wedell-Castellano. Klaproth will then become director of the auditing department.

"Thanks to Susanne Klaproth's many years of hard work, the Domotex brand enjoys a strong reputation in the market and a high level of trust among our customers," said Andreas Gruchow, Ph.D., member of the managing board of Deutsche Messe AG. "This year's results were the best since the inception of Domotex – both in Hannover and Shanghai. We thank Ms. Klaproth for her outstanding commitment to Domotex."

Wedell-Castellano, the new director of the Domotex portfolio, will continue to drive the growth of Domotex events. "As a department manager in the Hannover Messe division, Sonia Wedell-Castellano successfully launched and expanded a number of different trade fairs and special formats," said Gruchow. "We are pleased she will now use her expertise to further develop our Domotex portfolio."

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