Ann Sacks introduced Salluto, a new porcelain that provides the surface depth and smooth hand-planed appeal like that of fine-laid plaster. Exclusive to Ann Sacks in the United States, Salluto is offered in shades of Bianco, Grigio and Nero.

Plaster has been used for centuries as a wall and flooring application. Mid-twentieth century homebuilding began to shift to drywall, cement and other materials, which were much more cost-effective and didn’t carry with it the upkeep and natural wearing that can come with plaster installations. However, true plaster walls and flooring are still highly coveted by many homeowners who appreciate the soft, powdery hand and smooth surface treatment that plaster imparts. With the introduction of Salluto, Ann Sacks brings to the marketplace a tile that reflects all the understated elegance of plaster but removes the challenges. Salluto provides a virtually maintenance free, seamless application with easy cleaning and the resilience to withstand high traffic and freeze/thaw weather conditions.

Salluto is offered in a 2x8 in. field tile sold by box in a random mix of three different textures, a singular 12x48 in. field tile and a 12x12 in. micro mosaic.

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