NuFlors has launched a new patent pending technology that can revolutionize the process of installing LVT flooring. NuFlors has added SetaGrip Technology into their flooring manufacturing process to create a cost effective and efficient flooring option. SetaGrip’s patent pending vacuum suction layer uses nano-sized pores to generate a strong adhesion that solves the installation and maintenance problems brought on by other LVT products and installation methods.

SetaGrip looks to nature. Using biomimicry, scientists studied the gecko and began looking into nano-suction technology. This technology uses millions of nano-sized pores, vacuum and negative fluid pressure to securely adhere any object to a flat, non-porous surface. This technique was applied to flooring manufacturing process and created SetaGrip. With SetaGrip technology, the flooring is pressed against a surface, activating the nano-sized pores, which act like millions of micro-suction cups to generate a strong adhesion to the surface.

The patented vinyl core is also specially formulated with white kaolin clay to provide extra dimensional stability and resistance to shrinking and expanding due to environmental and other forces. This keeps the planks dimensionally stable, helps with resilience and recovery from heavy loads, and provides indentation resistance.

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