Cantoria, Almeria, Spain -- Cosentino Group was recently recognized as one of the prize-winning companies at the 3rd edition of the Mutua Universal Innovation and Health Awards. Mutua Universal, partner of the Spanish Social Security system, organizes these awards to recognize the work of companies that have used innovative projects to demonstrate a high level of commitment to the development and promotion of safe, healthy workplaces.

The awarding organization assembled a shortlist of the 20 top contenders from all the candidates put forward this year; four finalists won an award. Cosentino was a finalist in the “Large Companies” category for its leadership program, “Safety by Routines, Leading by Example,” which seeks to integrate health and safety through a series of routines reported through an app (Gensuite) that allows activities to be scheduled, reported and monitored. It is a concrete example of the digitalization process and use of new technologies at Cosentino, which strengthens the culture of accident prevention and reinforces leadership in health and safety at all levels of the organization.

Consentino was recognized by these awards last year for its “Development, Sustainability and Networks” project, a training program to share knowledge along the value chain about the appropriate handling and processing of quartz surfaces and other engineered stone surfaces, with a particular emphasis on preventing exposure to silica dust. This program is still active and will enter a new stage across Spain in 2018, with support from various institutions.

The Cosentino Group commitment to accident prevention and occupational safety is reflected in the company’s unremitting pace of investment, which allocates a certain percentage of profits in advance each year to develop and lead active policies in this area. In the last five years alone, Cosentino has invested €26.5 million (~$32.7 million) in projects related to occupational health and safety, mainly in measures implemented at its production and processing facilities in Almeria, Brazil, and the U.S.

Beyond the company's own facilities, Cosentino is also turning this investment into extensive, wide-ranging informational and continuous training programs directed at customers, suppliers and partners, with pioneering initiatives such as the Cosentino Aulas for stonemasons. Likewise, Cosentino has always created collaborative alliances with key players within the industry (public entities, associations, employer federations, trade unions, etc.) for the constant dissemination of best practices in health and safety.

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