Ann Sacks Craze is a porcelain tile that employs a glass-like glaze to create its crackle design. Exclusive to Ann Sacks in the U.S., the random patterning that defines Craze creates a unique end result usually only realized with custom style installations.

Craze is inspired by the ancient pots that have decorated tabletops across Italy for centuries. Although utilitarian in purpose, Italians have brought rich color into a room by painting cooking pots that would naturally break and crackle over time exposing the metal underneath. Available in shades of black, grey and white, Craze can be installed in a singular colorway or mixed and matched for a multi-pattern, multi-color presentation.

The surface design is created through a glazing process that requires a second firing to achieve the textural relief. The tiles vary in pattern, coloration and naturally occurring slight imperfections that add to the overall organic beauty of the design.

Craze is an inventoried, in-stock program. The 8x12 in. field tiles are sold six to a box and suitable for all residential and commercial interior walls and medium traffic floors, as well as interiors and exteriors.

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