Estwing Manufacturing is introducing a full line of nail sets, files, chisels, screwdrivers, saws, drill bits, measuring devices and soft-sided tool storage solutions. Estwing will be partnering with JS Products as a global licensing partner. JS Products will design, develop and manufacture an all-encompassing tool solution that expands the Estwing brand into near neighboring categories of its striking tool business.

The Estwing nail set line will include multiple nail sets and individual punches that are commonly needed, including 3/16” steel alignment punch, 2/32” nail set, 1/32” nail set, 6 piece pin and punch set, 3 piece small pin and punch set, 3 piece premium nail set, 12 piece punch and chisel set, and a 3 piece marking and starter kit.

The wide range of Estwing chisel sets are perfect for wood- and metalworking. Each chisel is made of high carbon tool steel for optimum cutting efficiency and comfort grip handles for hand fatigue reduction. The Estwing chisel line includes a variety of wood chisels, floor chisels, mason chisels, cold chisels, and brick chisels.

Designed for comfort and durability, the Estwing screwdriver line will meet both professional or home improvement needs. The line includes a 6 piece diamond tip screwdriver set, 2 piece demo screwdriver set, 4 piece mini pick and hook set, 10 piece screwdriver set, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and 18-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver.

The Estwing file set line includes a 3 piece file set, 10 piece file set, 7 piece precision needle file set, and a 3 piece wood-chuck chisel/rasp set. The Estwing file collection also includes individual files ranging in different sizes, including: universal file handle; 8” mill bastard cut without handle; 10” mill bastard cut without handle; 12” mill bastard cut without handle; 6” x 1/4” bastard cut round file; 8” bastard cut half round file; 8” 4-in-1 hand rasp and file; 6” slim taper file; 6” flat bastard cut without handle; 10” flat bastard cut without handle; 8” woodcraft half-round rasp; 10” round bastard cut without handle; and 8” handy file.

The Estwing saw line features a molded comfort grip, heat treated blades for quicker and cleaner cuts, long and hardened teeth, and adjustable blade angles. The line includes a 13” coping saw, 13” pruning saw and a 12” hacksaw.

The Estwing drill bits set line is for metal, wood, plastic, and masonry. Each set features an ABS casing with side lock and some with titanium pilot point for longer life, no-spin shank and tapered web. The set includes a 14 piece titanium HSS drill bit kit, 21 piece titanium HSS drill bit kit, 29 piece titanium HSS drill bit kit, 29 piece cobalt drill bit kit, and a 100 piece drilling and driving kit.

The Estwing measuring devices consist of tape and laser measures. The devices’ measurements range from 16 ft to 65 ft. This line also includes a 9” magnetic torpedo level, 9” aluminum torpedo level, automatic center punch, infrared thermometer, digital angle meter, and a 6” caliper.

The Estwing softgoods line consists of multiple tool storage solutions with features specifically designed for professionals. Features include: magnetized fastener holders, interchangeable pouch solutions, customizable tape measure clips, and specialized hammer holders, all made with high quality materials.

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