Spectra Contract Flooring has joined the Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring and Fuse Alliance joint task force. Established in 2017, the task force focuses on critical issues facing the commercial flooring industry and elevating the flooring contractor profession.

“We’re delighted that Spectra Contract Flooring has joined the task force,” said Geoff Gordon, executive director for Fuse Alliance. “With the combined knowledge base and resources of the three leading contract flooring organizations, we will be able to work together to better serve our customers and manufacturing partners.”

The task force is currently focusing on solutions for the two biggest challenges facing flooring contractors today: recruiting and training labor along with avoiding floor failures with an emphasis on moisture issues. Because labor is a challenge in all construction trades, the task force is working on proactive tactics to keep the flooring labor pool sufficient to meet demand. Moisture is a hot button topic since many new solutions have hit the market from sundry and product manufacturers that sometimes creates confusion for architects, designers and end users. This situation creates an opportunity for flooring contractors to guide these customers toward the best solutions.

“Our goal is to work collectively to dramatically reduce floor failures for the benefit of the entire industry”, added Jeanne Matson, president and CEO of Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership. “This goal, plus addressing other critical industry issues, is better accomplished working together.”

Jim Pels, general manager of Spectra Contract Flooring, added, “We are excited to join the task force because we are dedicated to helping reverse the shortage of skilled flooring installers and address the issue of moisture’s impact on flooring installation. By working together to innovate the way we recruit and then train installers to follow industry standards, the task force has an opportunity to create better outcomes for our customers.”

For more information, visit www.spectracf.com.