Interface recently introduced its latest global luxury vinyl tile (LVT), Drawn Lines. The product’s design is influenced by fractals, geometric patterns found in nature. Drawn Lines uses layered filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms to create a prismatic geometry in an array of scales.

Subscribing to the ‘truth to materials’ principle of modern architecture that states the nature of any material should not be hidden, but rather celebrated for what it is, Drawn Lines offers a new, distinct pattern that incorporates biophilic elements into the flooring’s design. Drawn Lines is available in 10 colors and offers a never-ending pattern comprised of a finely linear matrix featuring softly pooling areas of light with no visible repeats.

Kari Pei, Interface’s lead product designer, curated a set of versatile neutrals and smoky brights for the product’s palette, and provided a geometric twist to woven textures with the addition of warm to cool tones and threads of metallic, adding shimmer and depth.

“I believe this is the gem of our LVT designs, thus far, due to its pattern, which is unlike anything on the market,” said Pei. “I was inspired by the beautiful, intricate patterns found in nature. It’s these biophilic design elements that give the product a clean, modern look that elevates any environment, from corporate office, to education, to healthcare. Like jewelry, Drawn Lines can be used as an accessory to other carpet and LVT; however, much like the Hope Diamond, the design of this product is sophisticated enough to stand alone.”

Drawn Lines is an LVT product that architects and designers can pair with Interface’s carpet tiles for an integrated flooring system of hard and soft without the need for transition strips, such as Visual Code. Because Interface’s LVT is modular, the tiles can be easily and efficiently installed or changed to refresh designs or define spaces to achieve a desired environment or aesthetic.

Aligning with Interface’s circular approach, Drawn Lines is produced with a controlled material stream, so it can be reclaimed and recycled into its GlasBacTMRE recycled content backing through its ReEntry program. Drawn Lines will also be third-party verified as a carbon neutral product through Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors program.

Drawn Lines is available in 25cmx1m Skinny Planks and features the following attributes: Sound Choice proprietary backing that is Quiet Mark certified for its noise reduction qualities; constructed with materials and recycling in mind, including a commitment to deliver Environmental Product Declarations for all hard flooring products; engineered to contain no phthalates; and backed by Interface’s 15-year commercial warranty.

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