Portland, Ore. -- Pioneer Millworks is sponsoring Lovett Deconstruction’s 2nd Annual “Dropbox Derby,” Labor Day, September 3. The design-build competition will take place at the Eastbank Esplanade in Portland, Ore. Each year, 24 hours in advance of the competition, the year’s theme is announced to teams, including a list of salvaged materials the teams will be tasked with using in their designs. An array of food and festivities will occur as the audience watches the teams in action and bids on the final creations in a silent auction.

“We’re very excited that the proceeds from this year’s auction will go to the Oregon Tradeswomen Inc (OTI), an organization dedicated to women in the trades,” said Stephen Reichard of Lovett Deconstruction. “The Dropbox Derby celebrates sustainability and design in a friendly, fun and quintessentially Portland atmosphere.”

Over 20 teams of artists, makers, builders, contractors, and designers are challenged to design and build a project based on the year’s theme using salvaged building materials. They have just four hours to complete their projects. The teams will be awarded trophies for outstanding design and use of materials, with winners selected by a panel of judges.

Pioneer Millworks is a leader in the reclaimed and sustainable wood industry and will be showcasing their products at the Derby expo along with its sister company, New Energy Works.

“At Pioneer Millworks we live by the re-use of materials and believe in the importance of community,” said Jonathan Orpin, founder of Pioneer Millworks. “We’re looking forward to experiencing the Derby and its creations. This is a great opportunity for makers and other community members to come together for a bit of fun, learning, creativity, and to support local businesses as well as women in the trades.”

In addition to the primary sponsor, Pioneer Millworks, sponsors include the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Heiberg Garbage and Recycling and Salvage Works.

For more information, visit pioneermillworks.com.