Milliken recently introduced Natural, a new LVT collection, inspired by the unique creations found in the world. The collection explores three new organic shades: Shenandoah, Pike, and Gunnison.

Bold and expressive, Shenandoah is available in a range of weathered neutrals, progressing from light to dark. Displaying varied focal points of texture and direction, Shenandoah emulates wooden knots and applies unique gradations to create visual interest. Shenandoah is available in four colors.

Available in a gradient of light to dark tones, Pike mimics the intricate markings of bark. With a subtle blending of shades and a variation of texture, Pike adds a serene and welcoming depth to spaces, and is available in four colors.

Exemplifying a true gradation of tone and texture, Gunnison brings a peaceful mindfulness to spaces. Much like the varying species of trees found in a forest, Gunnison emulates a natural interpretation of wooden features, available in one color.

These options present design flexibility, offering creative freedom when producing an installation layout as well as an appealing pattern and flow. All patterns are available in 9X59.7 in. tiles.

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