A new collection of modular plank and tile, the Spin Collection from Mannington Commercial, garners inspiration from the visual and tactile grooves found in long-playing (LP) vinyl records. Mannington Commercial’s in-house design studio was not only drawn to the process in which records are made, but also to how sound and impressions register on the vinyl surface and result in textured patterns.

A visit to Nashville’s United Records, the largest record producer in the U.S., revealed the techniques used and inspired a host of possibilities through patterns and etchings. Here, where sound becomes a tangible object, designers looked to grooves, scratches and curves as a source for developing a modular collection. The abstract movements are carried out in dynamic patterns that convey a visual, textural music in flooring designs.

Spin features three individual styles of 12x 48 in. modular plank and one style of 24x24 in. modular tile that allow designers to create countless patterns and unique layouts underfoot. Channel visualizes the highly-magnified grooves found in records that is blended with a “chatter-like” pattern found in scratch records used by DJs. RPM, an organic-inspired style, harkens back to the technique used to create marbled, vinyl disks, where a mixture of multi-colored vinyl creates random patterns that are unique to each record. Disc takes a bird’s-eye-view of the medium, tracing the arcs and contours that give music its visible expression.

The small-scale style, Equalizer, is available in 24x24 in. tile and can coordinate with the larger plank patterns. Spin’s offering of 10 colorways imparts subdued sophistication and includes complex blends of neutrals as well as neutrals with subtle accent colors. The palette and aesthetics are designed to suit retail, workplace and hospitality spaces.

“Finding inspiration from a variety of sources is essential for our studio,” said Roby Isaac, vice president of Design for Mannington Commercial. “In this case, Spin garnered a host of possibilities from an unusual source, a classic LP vinyl record. Our aim is that designers can create an attractive flooring surface and dramatically elevate and modernize their environment in one step.”

The Spin Collection features a limited lifetime wear and backing warranty. Spin is made with premium Antron Lumena Type 6,6 Nylon that is 100% Solution Dyed and engineered for resistance to crushing, matting, stain permeability and heat. Antron Type 6,6 Nylon provides up to 40% better fade resistance, up to 65% better soil resistance and 2.5-times better texture retention. Carpets made with Antron fiber can last up to 75% longer than those made without.

The collection features ColorSafe, Mannington Commercial’s proprietary bleach resistant technology, and XGUARD stain resistant technology, which offers the highest level of performance in permanent stain resistance, resulting in significant long-term appearance retention, ease of maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership; both technologies carry a limited 15-year warranty. Spin modular plank and tile are constructed with Mannington’s Infinity Modular backing, which is engineered for strong performance with excellent tuft bind and dimensional stability. The backing resists delamination, edge ravel, pilling and fuzzing and withstands aggressive wet cleanings.

For more information, visit www.manningtoncommercial.com.