Manchester, N.H. -- During their annual summer conventions, CCA Global Partners businesses, Carpet One Floor and Home and Flooring America, offered members the opportunity to compete more effectively in their area rug business through the e-Commerce platform Rugs.Shop.

The website offers over 35,000 unique area rugs and facilitates the online ordering experience for customers. Rugs.Shop also supports customers with an online and telephone customer service team. Through this new program, members of Carpet One Floor and Home and Flooring America will be able to use the platform, customized to their local store, to offer this online area rug selection to their customers.

“While customers still prefer to go into the store to purchase installed flooring, the area rug business has greatly shifted towards online sales,” said Charlie Dilks, chief product office of CCA Global Partners. “Working with Rugs.Shop allows us to help our members compete and increase profits from online sales.”

For a local, independent retailer, keeping up with the technology and support systems needed to effectively compete in e-Commerce can be difficult. The recent Supreme Court ruling on internet sales tax is an example of risks involved for independent retailers trying to sell online.

The program offered through CCA reduces risks. Participating members will receive a dedicated, branded site to use for their customers creating a seamless customer experience. Members will also have the support of a customer service team, credit card processing, and drop ship logistics services.

On the sales management side, stores will be able to track sales to a specific sales professional in order to allocate online rug sale commissions. As an added marketing opportunity, stores can also provide their customers with a coupon to their rug shop after a hard surface flooring sale.

“Because we think this is such an exciting opportunity for our members, CCA will be waiving the initial set-up fee for our members who choose to participate,” said Howard Brodsky, co-CEO of CCA Global Partners. “We want to do everything we can to help our members compete with online retailers.”

Members were excited about the possibilities the new program offers them. Whether they are looking to expand their current area rug offering or looking for a way to start selling area rugs, this program gives them the opportunity to take advantage of technology to expand their business.

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