Cartersville, Ga. – Patcraft was identified as one of four carpet manufacturers to meet the city of San Francisco’s first-of-its-kind carpet purchasing ordinance. Among the strictest in the nation, the requirements outline that all carpet installed in city-funded construction projects be Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver or better, among other certification requirements. The following manufacturers were identified as optional partners meeting San Francisco’s new carpet tile specifications: Patcraft, Bentley, Shaw Contract, and Tandus Flooring.

“We applaud San Francisco for its bold carpet tile regulations that will help ensure the health and safety of its commercial environments,” said Jeff West, vice president of marketing for Patcraft. “We are pleased that our Patcraft carpet tile products have qualified under these stricter criteria. The achievement is a testament to our company’s high sustainability standards, which we aim to continue expanding and improving upon in the years ahead.”

San Francisco’s new requirements were designed to help the city meet impressive standards for material health in flooring, including avoidance of chemicals of concern, providing appropriate durability, controlling carbon impact and increasing use of fiber and backing materials that contain recycled content and are recyclable. To choose qualifying manufacturers, the city endorsed a survey process to examine eight carpet tile manufacturers across a range of topics including: VOCs/emissions, ecolabels/standards, recycled content, take-back programs/recyclability, toxicants, fiber types, installation methods and warranties.

“Patcraft is dedicated to offering a transparent manufacturing process that prioritizes recyclability, indoor air quality and reduced emissions,” said West. “We look forward to continuing to introduce innovations that empower our customers to realize their design vision while optimizing sustainability measures that create healthy commercial environments.”

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