Ceraforge is the newest collection from Anatolia Tile + Stone. Inspired by the modern cityscape of steel and glass, Ceraforge represents the casual feel of contemporary design. Elements that define the style, worn surfaces, oxidized metal, the efflorescence of ancient stone, all come together. Forged in the fire, like glass and steel, this material can also be crafted and shaped to suit the most modern design aesthetic.

A unique surface, part of Anatolia’s new commercial collection, this flat, smooth tile is brought to life with an intricate gloss application. Designed entirely in-house, the Anatolia design team worked to create a balance of gloss and matte, rust and shine. Replicated on the surface of the tile is a delicate touch of lustre, delivered through a high definition print. This allows specific areas of the graphic to be targeted for a gloss application, creating the similar effect as natural light hitting the surface of a steel panel.

Earthy metallic tones come to life in five industrial colors: Lithium (ivory), Chromium (light grey), Titanium (dark grey), Oxide (black) and Iron (brown). Like the steel panels that inspired this palate, each color has its own range of variation, like the slight tone on tone grey effect of the Lithium. Whereas Titanium and Oxide show a more nuanced combination of cool darker tones accented by highlights of warm rust like veining accentuated by the spot gloss application.

All colors are available in large formats (32x32 in., 16x32 in., 24x24 in., and 12x24 in.), as well as 3x24 in. bullnose and 2x2 in. mosaics. Ceraforge color body rectified porcelain tile is frost resistant, passes DCOF and can be installed in wet areas for both interior and exterior applications.

For more information, visit www.anatoliatile.com.