JiaXing, China -- CFL has announced it will open three fully-integrated production facilities outside of China in consideration of the recent trade disputes between the U.S. and China and to support the fast growth of the company. All facilities will be operational by 2019. Products produced in these facilities will significantly expand CFL’s overall capacity, and will not be subject to the recent tariffs implemented.

“We are committed to make our partners stronger than ever in this ever-changing and challenging business environment, and feel we are far ahead in pro-actively finding solutions for our customers,” said Tom Van Poyer, CEO of CFL. “Across all categories, whether it is Laminate, SPC, WPC, or LV, we will continue to go the extra mile to bring the most innovative and differentiated products to the marketplace.”

Thomas Baert, president of CFL, added, “These manufacturing initiatives in countries outside of China mark the beginning of a more global expansion of our company. CFL has grown into a family of close to 3000 employees, and we are very committed to providing a platform for our customers to take market share in these changing times.”

For more information, visit www.cflflooring.com.