Dekton by Cosentino introduced the Dekton Stonika Collection and added three new colors to its Dekton Industrial Collection.

Comprised of six new hues, the Stonika Collection draws inspiration from coveted natural stone materials, with spectacular shine and durability. New findings in the manufacturing process also allow for sharper designs and ultra-realistic appeal. The Stonika Collection also offers resistance to thermal shock and impact as a result of the manufacturer's continued commitment to staying at the forefront of design and durability through its research. The Dekton Stonika Collection is available in Olimpo, Bergen, Arga, Taga, Sogne, and Korso.

"Dekton Stonika is a next-generation, high-test version of our celebrated Dekton XGloss Natural Collection," said Massimo Ballucchi, director of marketing for Cosentino North America. "At Cosentino, our R&D team is constantly pushing the envelope – finding ways to beat our very best to help drive both our brand and the industry as a whole forward, and to continue to inspire those who specify our materials."

Building off the award-winning Dekton Industrial Collection designed by Phoenix-based architect and designer Daniel Germani, the additional colors add a calm, careful aesthetic to the existing collection, now comprised of seven colors. The hues showcase Cosentino's continued mastery of the industrial aesthetic, putting rough, unexpected materials such as cement back at the forefront of design.

The three new Dekton Industrial Collection colors are: Laos, a dark and weathered reinterpretation of the industrial look with golden tones, grey veining and a matte finish; Soke, strongly inspired by traditional cement, with realistic cracks set over a detailed background of grays; and Lunar a smooth structure and white base, offering an intriguing minimalistic yet modern approach.

"Designers and consumers alike have been wowed by the Dekton Industrial Collection since it first launched in 2016," said Ballucchi. " We 're proud to be at the forefront of the industrial aesthetic and we are grateful for our continued collaboration with Daniel Germani, and his vision that continues to shape the Dekton Industrial Collection."

Created from a sophisticated blend of raw materials from glass, quartz and porcelain, Dekton has a high resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock. Its durability and ease of care offer a wealth of applications, including flooring, facades, wall cladding, worktops, and stairs. It is available in large format and a variety of thickness which allow for seamless creative possibilities for architects and designers for both residential and commercial projects.

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