Malmö, Sweden -- Kährs Group is participating in the industrial graduate school ProWOOD to increase the utilization of raw material in the manufacturing of wood flooring. The initiative began in autumn 2017 when 10 PhD students teamed up with Swedish companies to conduct research over five years. The goal of the research is to increase the proportion of the log that actually becomes wood flooring to help reduced costs and use more of the raw material.

As part of this initiative, the PhD student Victor Grubii was recruited to the project to conduct his research in collaboration with Kährs Group. He shares his time between Kährs office in Nybro, Sweden and Linnaeus University, studying how the company's processing operation can be developed to make more effective use of the raw material.

“In order to run a sustainable business, we must continuously review and develop our production processes, and we look forward to the conclusions that will be presented in the research project,” said Samuel Dalén, COO, Kährs Group.

The industrial graduate school, ProWOOD, acts as an arena for development and knowledge dissemination for the wood industry, and is a joint initiative between the School of Engineering at Jönköping University, the Linnaeus University, the Knowledge Foundation, and companies within the wood industry. The investment is funded by the Knowledge Foundation, participating companies and education institutions, as well as Wood Region Småland.

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