Farmingdale, N.Y. -- Luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer Adore Floors has reported that its core and flagship luxury vinyl products, including Decoria, Naturelle, ProjectFlor, and ProjectFlor Elite, are manufactured in South Korea and therefore unaffected by recent tariff increases. Imports of Chinese-imported products, such as Alette and Regent brands, will be limited to a 10% price increase only if the 25% tariff increase is instituted January 1, 2019.

“With regards to our Chinese-originating products, Adore originally lobbied the government on behalf of all American consumers during the period of comments and joined numerous groups fighting the proposed tariffs,” said Kent Choi, CEO of Adore Floors. “If the government imposes the 25% tariff increase effective January 1, 2019, Adore has decided against subjecting our partners to 25% increases, and Alette and Regent orders received after the October 5, 2018, deadline will only be subject to a 10% price increase, pending any changes to the tariff application.”

“Should tariffs not be increased, Adore will rescind the 10% price increase and charge only the pre-tariff pricing. Any container orders placed after October 5, 2018, will land after January 1, 2019, and thus will incur an upcharge. Orders for goods out of warehouse will remain unaffected until pre-25% tariff stock runs out.”

The brands and products affected by the tariff increase are limited to Alette and Regent, including Alette GrandManor, Contract, GX, and CX/Click, as well as Regent Monarch, Monarch X, and Sovereign.

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