Brintons recently collaborated with New York design studio Stacy Garcia to create its latest Axminster collaboration, Materialize. Inspired by ingredients, Materialize brings the raw, deconstructed elements of the creative process to the surface. Colors, textures, and forms are derived from an array of mixed medias formulating wool-rich Axminster designs teeming with dimension.

The new Brintons + Stacy Garcia Axminster collection highlights what can happen when a magnifying glass is taken to the design process, dissecting the ubiquitous materials available to creatives–wood, wool, paper, paint– and looking at them in a new light. The design elements in Materialize, ranging from large-scale floral bursts to muted marbled paper, bring trompe l’oeil texture and strikingly tactile compositions to the floor. While keeping in line with Stacy Garcia’s signature style of bold unapologetic color and stylized medallions, the collection also features her ability to transform traditional patterns into unique contemporary statements.

By utilizing the Brintons patented High Definition Weave technology, the company is able to create carpets with up to 32 different color channels. The patterns can also be recolored, rescaled, and reimagined to fit any interior project or budget.

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