October is Halloween season, which means all things spooky, ghoulish and dark come out to play. Some may consider black tile to be on the list of Halloween scares. Such a bold design choice for some may feel difficult or risky, but there’s no reason to be frightened by black tile. This dark design choice has a variety of benefits.

Be Grounded
Black tile lays a powerful design foundation. Choosing dark tile for the floor anchors a room with a distinct and intense statement. With black tile as the base, the rest of the room has a firm, fashionable foundation.

Black tile attracts attention by being vivid and unexpected.

Be Dramatic
Black tile adds a sense on drama to any space. Pale floors have become commonplace. Black tile attracts attention by being vivid and unexpected. Black can also add high contrast by mixing in white tile for a classic, but truly dramatic pattern on any floor.

Be Bright
Most people think black tile or any dark color will make a space dark, but using dark tile that has shine or dimension will reflect light and add interest to a room. Used well, dark tile will open up and brighten up a space just as much as lighter colors. It can also offer a base for brighter colors to shine.

Be Chic
To borrow a cue from fashion, black is always the new black. Think of the classic “little black dress.” The color is a wardrobe staple for a reason. It’s classic, but it’s also cutting edge. It never goes out of style or looks dated.

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Be Bold
Black is a fearless statement. Anyone can select a bland, inoffensive floor, but a black floor is bold. It says you’re stepping into a space that knows what it has to say and how it wants to make you feel.

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