Tarkett recently unveiled the Scale Study Series designed by Suzanne Tick for Tandus Centiva. The Scale Study Series is designed to meet today’s space needs and includes an integrated collection of soft surface (Correlate, Continuum and Metri II styles) and LVT flooring (Filament with Tarkett’s + Techtonic).

“Today’s designs don’t cover the floor plane with a single pattern or texture. Instead, we’re seeing a variety of surfaces come together in a way that promotes collaboration and flexibility in the space,” said Terry Mowers, vice president of commercial design for Tarkett North America.

Shifts in scale have become a necessity in order to embrace an openness and fluid movement between spaces. The Scale Study Series responds to this with four products that go from large to small, and from macrocosm to microcosm, as well as open space to private space. This mix of scale and material gives designers a diverse toolkit they can rely on again and again.

"This series is comprised of four products that work together, reflecting the facades of Zaha Hadid, Luis Barragan, and Frank Gehry’s architectural works and bringing those designs inside. Two large scale graphics along with a solid texture and angled, abstract LVT offer flexibility in pricing without sacrificing design," said Suzanne Tick, collection designer.

These shifts in scale to embrace openness have also become a necessity, and the Scale Study Series responds to this with four products that go from open to private space: Correlate, Continuum, Metri II, Filament LVT. Correlate is a plush Colorpoint tile in which refracted angles and planes of tip-sheared yarns and speckled loops interact in surprising configurations. Continuum is composed of sectional ridges encapsulating various tonal textures, and can be available as both carpet tile and Powerbond. Metri II is a recolor of the classic Metri and is added as a coordinate texture. Filament + Techtonic LVT rounds out the collection with a hard surface option that is manufactured using digital printing technology. Informed by architecture using linear vacillation as seen in complex titanium-clad structuralist buildings, this LVT showcases angular lines of softly shifting planar surfaces, placed over a subtle micro-texture. MetalEdge transition strips can be included as an accessory that brings soft and resilient surfaces together.

The diverse color palette includes light, medium and dark greys, a warm beige, a rich chocolate, a jewel-toned navy, and unique grey/red and grey/blue colorations that are perfect for corporate branding and higher education facilities. The soft surface collection is also an excellent solution to adverse flooring. ethos with Omnicoat Technology can be installed over a variety of substrate issues, such as green concrete and old adhesives. When ethos with Omnicoat Technology is installed with TarkettTAPE, there is no need for pH or MVER testing, as long as no moisture staining or free-standing liquid are present. Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet floorcovering has a closed-cell cushion that provides an impermeable moisture barrier.

As part of Tarkett North America’s sustainability measures and commitment to people-friendly spaces, soft surfaces in the Scale Study Series are: Cradle to Cradle Silver certified; ethos and Powerbond have Declare labels, and are Living Building Challenge (LBC) Compliant; ethos modular is Living Product Challenge Imperative Certified; Fluorine free using Eco-Ensure; and recyclable through ReStart reclamation program. The soft surface collections also meet new material ingredient reporting and optimization credits for LEED v.4 credit, as well as new requirements for indoor air quality credit on low emitting flooring (CRI Green Label Plus) and low TVOCs.

Filament proves to be as durable as it is stylish with premium Contour construction with a 32 mil wear layer and state-of-the-art Techtonic protection to deliver durability in high-traffic areas. Tarkett’s Techtonic is a massive shift forward in performance for hard surface floors. Its advanced new polyurethane technology is tough, resisting scratching, abrasions, scuffing and staining, ensuring that floors look nicer, longer. Techtonic’s matte finish adds beauty, depth, and dimension, for safe and beautiful floors that stand up to the worst of wear. Made in America, Filament + Techtonic is suitable for a variety of segments including Retail, Education, Workplace and Healthcare. Filament + Techtonic LVT is also FloorScore certified.

For more information, visit www.tarkettna.com.