Designers of hospitality spaces desiring a sense of energy, excitement and movement for their projects now have a new solution. Encore Hospitality Carpet’s new Blur collection combines dynamic textures, intriguing designs and an abundance of colors to create a floor covering that is both dynamic and highly versatile for any hospitality interior. Made with 100% Zeftron nylon, designers can custom-select the patterns and colors for guest rooms or public space areas, including corridors, conference rooms, or ballrooms.

Blur products are made using Encore’s highly advanced Colorpoint and Infinity technologies. Colorpoint products, available in 12 - 15 ft. broadloom widths and 42-ounce weight, are ideal for public space environments. Designers can choose from 18 different patterns and up to 6 colors from within Zeftron’s color palette of 120 rich, quality colors. The ability to choose multiple colors and patterns, combined with a sophisticated cut and loop construction, means Colorpoint products can achieve an array of looks ranging from linear to geometric, even energetic to calming.

Blur, the new Infinity broadloom product, available in 32- and 36-ounce weights, is perfect for guest rooms. Designers can select from four patterns and up to four colors. A fifth pattern is also available with two colors with Colorpoint technology. With virtually infinite pile heights and design repeats, the Infinity products offer enhanced textural and visual dimensions creating a multitude of different aesthetics.

“Designers will love Blur for a number of reasons,” said Dina Poindexter, Encore’s design director. “Blur’s inherent design, which conveys movement and energy, is a departure from so many of the flooring designs in the market today. At the same time, Blur is also extremely versatile – any of the products can fit just as nicely within a boutique hotel as within a nationally known brand. The flexibility to choose from so many patterns and colors gives designers the power to create the flooring they envision for a space. And with Zeftron, designers can rest assured knowing they are specifying a carpet that offers unmatched color quality, performance and stain resistance.”

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