Encore Hospitality Carpet debuted the Montage Carpet Collection during BDNY with art in its array of forms, styles and techniques serving as the designers’ “muse.”

The collection consists of more than 30 new carpet designs manufactured with Encore's state-of-the art Colorpoint and Infinity technologies as well as woven Axminster, High-Resolution Dye Injection and luxurious Hand Tufted constructions.

Representative of their synergy and collaboration, Encore's design team skillfully utilized a sophisticated color palette to create a unique mosaic of patterns and motifs. Just like art, the patterns and motifs can be subtly incorporated into any commercial space as an alluring backdrop, or can stand alone to make a bold, attractive statement. Custom colorations are available to personalize the design scheme for any hospitality or commercial space based to achieve any desired aesthetic or budget.

Designed for today’s sophisticated and contemporary guest rooms, corridors and public spaces, all designs within the collection incorporate elements of curated pieces obtained over time, displayed in galleries to inspire and be enjoyed by others. Montage’s patterns showcase an all-encompassing appreciation of art from modern, graphic structures to previously hidden, now unearthed and discover masterpieces.

“We were inspired by the juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements” said Madeline Swafford, Encore designer.

With a focus on warm greys and indigo blue, the color palette brings a mid-century modern aesthetic, combining a richness and masculinity with soft feminine touches from lighter, earth tones. Accents of blush tones ranging from brick rusts to nude beiges highlight the designs with visual layering.

“I wanted my designs to capture an underlying energy; something not quite hidden but not quite exposed, depicted as a consonant encounter between the two," said Pennee Dedmon, Encore senior designer.

“Lisa Herreth, Encore Hospitality Carpet creative director, added, "While art might be one of the simplest ways to express creativity and individual expression, it is often the most impactful. The Montage collection was designed to create comforting hospitality spaces, with plush, impactful carpet embellishing the environment."

Also for the Montage collection, Encore partnered with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, a public charity that provides donations of art and music supplies to children and young adults throughout the world. Dreaming Zebras’ core identity is the belief that all children, regardless of their financial circumstances should have access to art education and supplies. For each design from the Montage collection purchased, Encore will donate to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation.

ENCORE also partnered with renowned artist Lydia Cash on a commissioned painting for the Montage collection that is a featured pattern and available to specify. Lydia Cash is a Chicago artist whose work embraces a sense of freedom and irreverence with gestural, painterly strokes found within her large-scale abstract and figurative paintings.

For more information, visit www.encorehospitalitycarpet.com.