Durkan will debut its latest carpet collection, Trovare, at Boutique Design New York (BDNY), Nov. 11-12 (booth #1520). Inspired by a polarized contemporary landscape, the multi-category collection’s patterning plays off of perceptions of truth, opposing visions and a simultaneous call for unity and common ground.

"Trovare is a visual play between the two polarities of textured organic and structured geometry. Patterns are deconstructed down to basic elements of pixel and color, where form melts away and becomes a balanced union of the organic and the structured,” said designer Karen Maffetone. “Its unique patina of aged geometrics tells a modern story of a traditional yesterday. As one who finds an unexpected treasure, Trovare likewise appeals to the senses.”

Trovare features styles offered in Durkan’s innovative Definity as well as PDI (Precision Dye Injected), CYP, broadloom and carpet tile, all designed to coordinate in an array of spaces within hospitality interiors.

For more information, visit www.mohawkgroup.com.