Austin, Texas -- Roppe recently announced that its Envire rubber sheet with FlashCove has been awarded the Symposium Distinction Award for Most Sustainable Product. The award was presented at the annual Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo at the Austin Convention in October.

The award recognizes the best and most innovative new products within the healthcare design and construction industry. In addition it recognizes design teams, projects and individuals who have made a profound contribution to the healthcare design industry. The program accepts submissions of all types and sizes of patient care-related facilities.

“Roppe embodies a sustainable enterprise and its products embody sustainable principles,” said Ann Dougherty, Roppe Holding (RHC) general manager of sustainability. “Dedicated employees design and make quality products, protecting the environment and customer health, engage in community philanthropy, and more, and their efforts work together in Roppe products, like the Envire-Flashcove assembly that received this sustainability award, to serve society.”

Rahul Dhavalikar, RHC chief polymer chemist, added that Envire rubber sheet and tile was developed in a premium formulation innovated by Roppe that is Red List Chemical Free. “In addition to the healthcare benefits, the product needed to exceed the demands of a high-traffic environment which include exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability.” Simplified maintenance procedures that don’t require a finish provide life-cycle cost benefits that healthcare facilities and operators require. Available in a six-foot-wide sheet, Envire offers fewer seams which promise faster installations and less chance for bacterial build-ups.

FlashCove prefabricated bases offer a solution to the failures that plague site-formed bases where seamless installations are a must, such as in healthcare. This patented process enables FlashCove to offer a lifetime guarantee to perform against the daily use of maintenance equipment, point loads, small-wheeled traffic or chairs where other bases fail. The tighter radius creates a snug fit at door frames and allows for more thorough cleaning.

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