New clients are already moving away from stark, hard-edged modern interior design, says Perla Lichi, a Florida-based interior designer, with offices in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale. SID. “Lately clients are asking for a softer, more relaxed contemporary look, with more color. Bringing nature inside is another trend that we are most definitely noticing. These two concepts work hand in hand.”

In line with this observation, the Frogtape Brand Painters Mask predicts “Natural and Organic,” as one of five interior design trends for 2019. Vertical gardens and moss natural walls both inside and out are commercially available from companies such as Verde Profilo in Europe and California-based Artisan Moss. These companies consider their works as art or 'plant paintings.' They say they are not only gorgeous but also carefree, since moss doesn’t require maintenance.

“We have had requests for moss walls, primarily for commercial use,” said Lichi. “What could be more natural than nature itself? We anticipate a larger consumer demand in 2019 for these beautiful touches of natural greenery.”

Driftwood table bases and those made from natural tree stumps and other natural wood sources also look great. They are conversation starters for first visitors to your home. Reclaimed wood from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses from the 18th to the early 20th century is recycled and used in today’s buildings. This reclaimed lumber is often used in flooring and wall paneling.

Other trends predicted for 2019 include “Fluid and Fashionable,” effortless design with fluid style that has no beginning and no end; “Luxe Modern,” introducing a powerful man-made design statement using metal; “Feminine and Free,” a soothing, soft ethereal feel and embraces a pastel palette; and “Eclectic and Bold,” making a statement, no fear and bold choices.

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