Laticrete recently introduced Multimax Lite, a one-step, non-sag, Large and Heavy Tile mortar for interior and exterior installations of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile and stone. Offering superior bond strength and adhesion, Multimax Lite exceeds ANSI 118.15, and thanks to its light weight, can be more easily transported and troweled. Multimax Lite also contains no silica sand, benefiting workers on the jobsite with reduced exposure to respirable silica.

“Multimax Lite offers customers an easy solution to an ongoing problem,” said Jonathan Scott, Laticrete senior product manager. “Rather than requiring contractors to carry several types of mortar, Multimax Lite is suitable for interior, exterior and submerged applications of Large and Heavy Tile wall and thin-bed installations, thus eliminating an excess of product on-site and simplifying the entire installation process. To increase productivity and flexibility on the job site, Multimax Lite offers users an extended 40-minute open time, which is a major selling point for this product.”

For maximum strength and durability, Multimax Lite boasts Kevlar reinforcement, and features antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Multimax Lite also utilizes Laticrete Hydromatic Cure Chemistry, which accelerates the hydration process to rapidly consume water in the system, allowing the material to cure in a predictable manner.

Available in grey and white, Multimax Lite is Greenguard certified for sustainable building and is a component of the Laticrete Lifetime System Warranty providing peace of mind for lasting installations.

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