JiaXing, China -- CFL announced it has started shipping stone plastic composite [SPC] products that will be free from the 301 tariffs from its newly established Taiwanese and Vietnamese facilities and will begin production of water-resistant laminate as early as January 2019.

The company has initiated the establishment of three new-fully integrated production facilities outside of China. Products produced in these facilities will significantly expand CFL’s overall capacity, and will not be subject to the recent tariffs.

“We are conquering the tariffs in two ways,” said Thomas Baert, president of CFL. “First, we have taken actions so set up three fully integrated manufacturing facilities in different countries through a major investment plan that will be spread over the next three years, not subject to tariffs. Two of these new factories are up and running. Secondly will be the launch of new breakthrough innovations that we are bringing to market which will be covered by patents. At CFL we have taken proactive actions to be independent of political decisions, and are proud to have solutions for our customers.”

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