Workplace design has never played a more important role in the success of a business than it does today as more forward-thinking companies look for best practice innovations to help boost employee wellness. And one of the most crucial biophilic design considerations is choosing a flooring product that’s made from natural materials, yet will last the test of time.

IDEO, a global design company that creates positive impact through design, understood this concept when its London office underwent recent renovations. Matthew Watts Architects, in turn, tapped Havwoods International for its popular Venture Plank collection of engineered hardwood flooring planks, now offered in a new, highly-durable Valour oiled finish. The Valour finish provides abrasion, scratch, and impact-resistant properties that extends the life and appearance of hardwood flooring. The result is an exceptional finish, which is five times more resistant to scratching compared to similar alternative finishes.

This UV oil finish excels in scratch resistance, color fastness, hardness and sustainability, delivering a natural raw oil look with eco-friendly durability. The FSC-certified and Cradle-to-Cradle Certified-Bronze Valour coating underwent extensive testing with no visible changes after products, such as red wine, coffee, olive oil, and black tea, were applied to the surface.

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