Dalton, Ga. -- Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS) announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent for the MBS underlayment system, MagneBuild, a construction-specific building solution using interchangeable magnetic technology.

The patent (US 10,189,236 B) has been issued for a system that eases installation of almost any top layer decorative product using a proprietary system component receptive layer (SCRM) and a magnetic underlayment platform. The patent covers all flooring categories, as well as walls. There are several patents pending for further uses of the platform’s technology.

“This is the first of multiple patents filed to cover the system and marks a milestone for MBS,” said Scott Humphrey, chief operating manager. “With this announcement, we strengthen our intellectual property protection for this proprietary technology. The MBS system is one of the most revolutionary and exciting innovations in the construction field and confirms our groundbreaking science and leadership role in helping to strengthen the flooring industry.”

The MBS system is a new installation technology that uses the principle of attraction by using a flexible magnetic base layer to bond with the receptive material on the base side of various flooring and wall products (luxury vinyl plank, carpet tile, ceramic, stone, wallpaper, etc.). The result is a tight magnetic bond between the subfloor and finished floor, which serves as a waterproof membrane. The magnetic sub-floor also acts as a sound barrier and provides crack isolation protection for ceramic floors.

The MagneBuild System has undergone extensive performance tests, including sound transmission, flame retardancy, health and safety, rolling load, and water vapor transmission. The emergence of this new technology will make the installation of decorative materials more convenient, environmentally friendly and safe. This system allows an amazing amount of design flexibility: quicker installs with less physical stress on the installer, greatly reduced or eliminated construction waste, and decreases the use of potentially harmful materials.

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