Johnson City, Tenn. -- Mullican Flooring announced the introduction of Axiscor Performance Flooring, an independent brand and business unit to develop innovative products outside of the traditional hardwood market. Axiscor collections are based around a Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) core construction, which will be the platform for future product innovations.

“The multi-layered flooring category is extremely competitive and quickly changing, and that makes it an exciting time to be involved and see the endless opportunities,” said Neil Poland, president of Mullican Flooring. “The superior stability of this core is a solution for the limitations of other core products, and it is more suitable for building a wider variety of new products. For Axiscor, the best is yet to come.”

Axiscor Performance Flooring, available in 30 different patterns, will include three collections of authentic and naturally-inspired looks: Prime, Pro, and Trio. All collections are waterproof, pet friendly and extremely durable, with a dimensionally-stable Stone Polymer Composite core. They will each feature an attached “IXPE” pad and use i4F locking technologies for fast, easy and strong installations.

The Prime Collection is a valued engineered product that is suitable for any room of the home and will meet the demands of multi-family housing. With its beautiful, rich visuals, fashion has not been excluded for price. The Pro Collection is available in 7 in. and 9 in. planks, and 12x24 in. tile. The collection is targeted to active families or those with heavy traffic, commercial jobs. The Trio Collection is made with an “ABA” construction process, creating the best look and feel for a Stone Polymer Composite product, and the deep, embossed patterns.

“Developing Axiscor as a separate business unit will allow a continued focus on brand messaging and hardwood sales,” said Poland. “We did not want to limit the new category to 10 or 12 patterns— just to say we were in the business. By developing a line as complete as Axiscor, we are able to have it run as a separate business, and we are thrilled to watch it grow.”

Axiscor Performance Flooring will be available for distributor opportunities in early 2019.

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