Arizona recently introduced eight natural stone collections.

Blue Tahoe is a blue-toned, Brazilian quartzite with varying streaks of silver, grey, and white elegantly dispersed throughout. Though similar to marble in appearance, Blue Tahoe is far more durable and resilient for use in kitchen installations as it is less likely to scratch. Arizona Tile carries Blue Tahoe in 2cm slabs.

Brilliant Black is a stunning black quartzite, sourced from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. Its rich black tone is underscored with faint, yet sweeping details that evoke an elite aesthetic. The high-shine finish of Brilliant Black adds to its appeal, combining hints of classic luxury to any installation. Arizona Tile carries Brilliant Black in 2 and 3cm slabs.

Granite Vahalla is a granite also sourced from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. Its creamy white background provides a muted backdrop to large biotite crystals dispersed throughout the slab. The high contrast of colors within this slab add a distinctive allure while staying true to its organic appearance. Arizona Tile carries Vahalla in 2 and 3cm slabs.

Granite Vintage is a Brazilian granite characterized by a variety of large, striking crystals strewn across a milky quartz background. Crystals comprised of feldspar and biotite are accompanied by varying flakes of mica, giving the material an exclusive, unique appearance overall. Arizona Tile carries Vintage in 2 and 3cm stone slabs.

Steel-N l is a cool grey quartz with small flecks of clear and mirrored detailing throughout. The uniform pattern of Steel-N is noticeable at any angle and adds texture and di- mension to the solid grey background. Arizona Tile carries Steel-N in 2 and 3cm slabs.

Statuario Nuovo is a warm white quartz with unique, taupe- toned patterns that resemble veining. The natural look of this quartz adds visual interest while complimenting a wide array of installations. Arizona Tile carries Statuario Nuovo in 2 and 3cm slabs.

Pegasus-N is a white quartz with a subtle, mottled pattern throughout, emulating the look of natural stone. As a white quartz, Pegasus-N compliments a variety of designs, however, its pattern adds an element of visual interest. Arizona Tile carries Pegasus in 2 and 3cm slabs.

Aluminum-N is a grey quartz with static flecks of pebble grey detailing. Its consistent design provides a sleek, unassuming component to modern and traditional installations alike. Arizona Tile carries Steel-N in 2 and 2cm slabs.

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