Uzin Utz North America announced the introduction of their new UZIN WP Hydrostop Waterproofing Sheet Membrane. UZIN WP Hydrostop is a flexible, sheet-applied, bonded waterproofing and vapor retarding membrane that is installed using either UZIN CX 33 BiTurbo Thin Set Mortar or UZIN HS 200 Waterproofing Membrane. The company stated that this new unique, reinforced fabric features a textured, multi-dimensional surface on both sides, which allows for effective, positive mortar contact and adhesion and it meets the ANSI 118.10 requirement for thin, load-bearing waterproof membranes. It is ICC certified for use as a shower pan liner and primary vapor retarder, meets the ASTM E96 perm rating of .05 and its thin, flexible, waterproof construction provides secure, accurate installations.

The WP Hydrostop range also includes a selection of easy to install accessory pieces: Inside and outside corners, pipe and drain collars, a mixing valve collar and two seam tape styles; adhesive and non-adhesive backed.

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