Salem, N.H. – nora is relaunching its noraplan environcare product line with a modernized color palette. The adaptable, multipurpose premium rubber flooring offers 48 new harmonious shades that help evoke a sense of calm.

“After collaborating with our customers and the design community in focused product workshops, we are delighted to reintroduce noraplan environcare with an artfully updated array of new colors complete with nora’s signature granules,” said Tasha Hughes, marketing specialist, at nora. “The new flooring delivers an aesthetically appealing and functional smooth surface for heavy traffic areas in today’s important healing, learning, and working spaces.”

Like all nora products, noraplan environcare is a high-performance, chemical-free premium rubber flooring that delivers a reduced maintenance regimen, superior acoustics, increased slip resistance, better indoor air quality, and added comfort underfoot. A complementary range of accessories help create flexible and versatile design configurations to bring out the unique personality of any space.

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