Salem, N.J. -- Students who love to read do better in school, according to research by the National Education Association. That’s why Mannington recently teamed up with the United Way of Delaware to celebrate “Read Across America Day,” a national event designed to get local kids excited about reading. Now in its 22nd year, “Read Across America Day” was founded by the National Education Association. Held annually in March, in recognition of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, this is the largest celebration of reading in the U.S.

Last Friday, the United Way of Delaware hosted reading parties across its service area, which includes Salem County, N.J., home to Mannington Mills. The parties were attended by over 600 Salem County Pre-K and elementary students. Two “reading party ambassadors” from Mannington’s Salem site brought the words of Dr. Seuss to life.

“Seeing the excitement on the faces of Mannington Township School students as I read Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and I Wish I Had Duck Feet was wonderful,” said Dave Kitts, Mannington Mills vice president of environment. “And a reminder that, no matter how much technology has filtered into the lives of our kids, there’s nothing quite like a book to teach, motive and spur the imagination.”

“Reading is a skill that benefits kids all through their life,” added Ruth Hess, Mannington Mills Environmental Specialist, who read Dr. Seuss's Hop On Pop to Quinton School students. “That’s what makes events like ‘Read Across America’ so important.”

Mannington supports a number of educational programs across the U.S., focusing on communities where it has operations.

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