With enhanced soil-hiding and removal capabilities, Mohawk Group’s Duracolor Tricor builds upon a fiber already trusted to perform in demanding environments. With its modified-delta shape and triangular hollow core, next-generation Duracolor Tricor delivers enhancements that provide stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity and enhanced soil performance.

“Duracolor Tricor is a reflection of Mohawk Group’s consistent commitment to driving customer-focused innovation,” said Nathan Stevenson, vice president of product management. “Duracolor Tricor allows us to meet the needs of end users and specifiers across every segment and to exceed expectations for durability, staining and soil performance and other important factors. When compared with traditional nylon, Duracolor Tricor leads by driving the highest performing soft flooring systems.”

Inspired by bridges, trusses and their triangular support systems that deliver load-bearing performance, Mohawk’s engineers integrated the same principles to create a fiber with tremendous strength for enhanced durability. Its shape improves resilience and reduces surface wear of carpet, while also optimizing color clarity. Mohawk’s patented Duracolor process for permanent built-in stain resistance repels the most common causes of staining, up to 96% of which can be cleaned with just water. Duracolor Tricor’s longer product life cycle helps specifiers and end users save time and money. Additionally, the fiber’s ability to retain its beauty between cleanings makes commercial spaces easier to maintain.

Duracolor Tricor was put to the test when Learn & Live carpet tile was drafted to greet guests in a fan zone experience leading up to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta. More than half a million football fans made their way through security check-in stations at Centennial Olympic Park outfitted with Learn & Live. Thanks to Duracolor Tricor and its innovative construction, the flooring exceeded performance expectations. At the event’s conclusion, a week of wear out in the elements with countless spills was easily steam-cleaned from the modular carpet. The Duracolor Tricor fiber retained its brilliant color and shape without getting crushed under the pressure of a high-profile event.

Mohawk Group’s sustainability commitment extends across the Duracolor family of fibers. Duracolor Tricor is Declare Red List-free, includes recycled content and is recyclable through Mohawk’s ReCover Program. With most stains easily addressed with water, Duracolor Tricor also helps reduce the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Its extended life cycle also helps to minimize its environmental impact.

Duracolor Tricor will be incorporated into all future Mohawk Group carpet tile and broadloom collections, in addition to existing styles within Textural Effects, Healthy Environments, Moving Floors, Color Beat, On the Scene and others.

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