At the 2019 edition of the ISH event in Frankfurt, Antolini will present an evocative display that combines boldness and grace, ethereal airiness and expressive power. Custom made by designer Alessandro La Spada, the exhibition space opens up like a luminous stage where the elegant character of natural stone creates surprising scenographic backdrops from which unique pieces of unmistakable personality emerge.

The floor in natural Dedalus stone with leather finish, whose veining ranges from green to white and grey, stretches uninterrupted in front of the reception desk, which presents the same material but with a smooth finish. Surprising and hypnotic, the colours and textures of the Dedalus stone surface seem to mirror the shape and the movements of water, intentionally interpreting the theme of “bathroom space.”

The setting is bordered by walls and dividers, some in smoked glass, some in Striato Design - Dover White (Oblique) natural stone. The main space revolves around the elegant bathtub and the cylindrical washbasin, created in the delicate tones of Dover White (matt), evoking the imperial luxury of the Roman baths. Here, every accessory, from the taps by Gessi (Goccia series) and the Morsetto lamps designed by La Spada to the Clan Milano furnishings (Walley and Bubble appliqués, Don 30 chandelier, Pipe chaise longue, table and console), has been chosen to be in line with the unique refinement of the space.

In the more reserved area of the stand, the working environment shows a large table in Dover White stone that presents a geometric and sober design on a very smooth, almost reflecting surface.

Some of the Antolini materials used for the construction of the exhibition space at ISH are protected and enhanced by Azerocare, an patented treatment particularly valuable in the bathroom, capable of guaranteeing the maximum protection for marble and onyx against staining and etching caused by contact with food and acidic substances. This is a solution against potential damage caused by products such as toothpastes, detergents, creams, lipsticks or eau de toilette. Azerocare also has a bacteriostatic effect which guarantees both the hygiene and the healthiness of the stone.

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