Viken, Sweden -- Välinge has signed new license and cooperation agreements as a result of the increasing demand for its Liteback core technology. The machines used for the technology—also called “grooving units”—are currently being delivered to customers in China and additional machines have been ordered via HOMAG China Golden Field.

The special grooving unit is used either in-line or as a stand-alone solution to mill grooves on the backside of panels such as LVT, SPC and EPC/WPC floors. Out of the three machines that were ordered last year, one has already been installed at the Välinge R&D Center in Sweden where it is used for development purposes and customer trials. The other two are being delivered for installation at two customers’ production sites. Four additional machines will be ready for delivery during the second quarter of 2019.

One of the main reasons behind the growing interest in Liteback is the opportunity to launch more sustainable products. Major producers have already decided to implement the technology, and several other companies have shown great interest.

“With up to 20% material savings, Liteback creates a product that is lighter and easier to handle and install,” said Per Nygren, executive vice president, Välinge Innovation. “Moreover, it offers a sustainable and more transport-efficient solution that both significantly reduces CO2 emissions and uses raw materials more efficiently. Our collaboration with HOMAG has enabled us to be in a position where we now can supply machines to interested customers with short lead times.”

Liteback is a core technology for panels such as LVT, SPC & EPC/WPC, that opens up opportunities to reduce raw material consumption during production and to make transportation more efficient. By using a grooving unit, grooves are milled on the backside of the floorboard. The material that is removed in the process is recycled back into the production process, thereby reducing material consumption with up to 20%.

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