On March 18, 2019, Arizona Tile opened the doors to its newest branch, located in Seattle. The site is home to an interactive showroom, slab viewing facility, and order desk, and highlights the use of modern technology in which customers can visualize materials in their own home by use of the on-site touch-screen. Customers can also find inspiration via the variety of installation examples throughout the  showroom floor.  

The new location is managed by Seattle local, Jack Bramson. With a strong reputation and over 25 years of industry and local experience, Bramson has specialized knowledge in this particular region of the country. Given that unique expertise, he was able to provide some insight on Arizona Tile's new location.
FT: How does the new showroom differ from competitors in the area?  

Bramson: Our new Seattle showroom is a 6,000-square-foot product showcase and design inspiration gallery combining floor and countertop/backsplash installations. In addition to these spaces, concept panels are scattered throughout, all of which help to visualize the “installed product picture”; a tried and true method for helping our customers see their ideas conceptualized. Also, our Just Imagine design creation platform allows for customer customization to the max! 

FT: What about Arizona Tile makes it unique in Seattle?  

Bramson: Arizona Tile is focused and committed to the product categories upon which 40 years of experience and success has been built. We are fashion and quality forward with a truly unparalleled dedication to service our customer’s needs.  

FT: What types of materials do you anticipate will do best in the Pacific Northwest?   

Bramson: The Northwest is a contemporary design market and Arizona Tile’s product selection aligns well with that aesthetic, while not abandoning classic, traditional, mid-century and even rustic themes. Additionally, Arizona Tile has embraced the larger format trends and clean edged/rectifi ed direction.  

FT: Is there anything the Seattle Team is doing at the local level, to drive traffic to the showroom?  

Bramson: We will be working closely with the professional design community to encourage the trade use of our showroom as an inspiration platform. 

For more information, visit arizonatile.com.