Duchateau introduced two new collections to their signature wood wall panel line, the Celestio and Celestio Legno Collections. The collections expand upon its current award-winning Inceptiv wall panel line and usher in a new approach to wall covering design with LED backlighting options and style-forward patterns that elevate any commercial or residential space.

Both collections were developed by Duchateau’s in-house artisans and are offered in a number of contemporary styles to fit any interior. The Celestio Collection is mounted on acrylic panels with the option to install multi-colored LED lighting through special lighting standoffs. The backlit technicolor hues create a modern and exciting juxtaposition of light and shadow, turning the wallcoverings into a dynamic and sculptural piece of art. For those looking for a more classic, solid wood feel, The Celestio Legno Collection is available without the LED lighting option, creating a refined and elegant look. These collections illustrate Duchateau’s ongoing effort in refining and elevating the art of wood paneling.

“We have a passion for the ways wood can be utilized in interior spaces,” said Joe Lagenauer, Duchateau wall panel designer. “This collection of architectural 3D wood wall panels offers sculptural artistry and lighting effects in new and exciting ways.”

Both the Celestio and Celestio Legno collections are offered in eight artisan-crafted, geometric-inspired designs from grids to hexagons to abstracted linework. The designs include: Hexo, hexagons and, Angled Hexo, hexagons with a random profile; Jig, a puzzle like tri-pointed figure, Cobble, a repeated square pattern which brings to mind a winding cobblestone road; Toun’s squares that appear like peaked rooflines; Pinnacle features pyramid-esque figures, Pixel, made up of closely set parallelograms, and the final design, Gem, with jewel-like cabochons of wood. The colorways include, American Walnut, Olde Dutch, Iceberg, Lugano, Noir, Oxford, Smoke and Stout.

In addition to the designs, each collection is manufactured in walnut or oak per the specified color, and are pre-drilled, making the installation process seamless. Both lines are made-to-order with a lead time of six weeks for the Celestio Legno Collection and eight weeks for the Celestio Collection.

For more information, visit duchateau.com.