In the heart of Tennessee, Ceramiche Caesar reconfirms its presence in the American market with the inauguration of its new showroom in the urban area of Brentwood.

The opening of this new showroom means a strengthening of staff to create dedicated product and customer service in a market that has become fertile ground for “Made in Italy” expertise. Italian design is a recognized characteristic and adds value alongside inventory that is “Made in the USA.”

The U.S. facility is an important investment that allows Caesar to have a direct presence in the U.S. market and consolidate and promote Italian and American ceramic solutions.

The facility occupies approximately 500 m² with innovative offices to accommodate U.S. marketing, customer care, and sales, divisions as well as a showroom that welcomes guests and visitors and provides direct access to products. The new showroom also demonstrates how Caesar porcelain stoneware takes on a “new skin” to be used in furniture elements such as reception desks, different shaped tables, and benches and countertops, highlighting the versatility of Caesar branded products when it comes to their aesthetics, functionality and technology.

The new facility also stands out for its dedicated conference and meeting area, where designers and professionals can come together to share ideas and discuss new materials, technical issues and the development of new trends. The presence of qualified support staff allows for the building of a network of designers, businesses, retailers and sector-specific operators, to ensure personalized contemporary architecture solutions with the harnessing of the wide range of products and color combinations offered by Caesar.

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