A new home or remodel is a dream come true for many people, and one might assume the homeowner eagerly looks forward to the product selections. From flooring and backsplashes to plumbing fixtures and appliances, picking and choosing the components should be the fun part of the project, right? Not necessarily, says Meghan Dominie who owns MD Design & Consulting in Madison, Wis., with her husband Paul Dominie.

“Clients really feel like they are left to the wolves, so to speak,” said Dominie, who began her career as a flooring sales person out of design school. She was mentored by her husband, who was in the home fashion industry for 25 years, and after moving back to Madison, she restarted her interior design business. She quickly discovered that there was something missing in the design world.

“In my market, building is booming, and people really want an experience,” Dominie explained. “Clients were often hiring me just to help them navigate the building or renovation process. They needed guidance as they were being shuffled around to different vendors to make selections. Even in the custom building arena, where clients were spending high dollar amounts, there was no real direction provided. It was then that I realized where my niche needed to be. I really wanted to create a concierge approach to the interior design process.”

Currently, the couple is working with Madison-area home builder Marten Building and Design to provide a la carte design services and flooring selections to their clients. The couple also specializes in a variety of renovation projects.

“There really isn’t anything that I can’t provide design-wise for my clients—sometimes even emotional support,” she said. “If I don’t carry the product, I find a way to source it. I am able to help the client navigate through the process, simplify the selection process and provide an environment that’s not overwhelming.”

Dominie’s clientele ranges from first-time homebuyers with renovation projects and starter homes to million-dollar-plus estates.

“We really endeavor to be accessible to anyone,” Dominie said. “Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable experience when building their dream environment whatever that is to them.”

The couple said they are quickly growing out of their current space and will be moving into a storefront coming fall or winter of 2019, marketing under the name Luxe Designs for the new location.

“We will be quadrupling our space,” Dominie said. “I’m very proud to be a female-owned company that has grown so quickly.”

As the Dominies build their business, they discovered that they enjoy working with manufacturers that provide the experience similar to what we are trying to achieve—more consumer attention and service—such as Bella Flooring Group, Phenix Flooring, and Ceramic Tile Works.

“I always say I can make any style amazing,” Dominie said. “I’m a firm believer that with the right tools, any style can be aesthetically pleasing. With that said, I do believe in simplicity. Too much stuff confuses the eye and I believe your home should rise up to meet you—not smack you in the face!”