Exhibitors at Domotex Asia spent the week networking with new potential customers and solidifying relationships with existing ones.

“Our core business is in countries who are around China: Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, the Middle East, and all those customers are presence,” said Luc Jongbloet, business unit manager at ITC, Balta Carpets and Balta Tiles. “We’ve seen them at Domotex Hannover, but now they are renewing collections and we are starting new ideas, so that’s the reason we are here.”

Jongbloet said the U.S. represents a a large market for its textile business, but it is seeing more of that business shifting to luxury vinyl tile. “We are trying to find our niche, as we are not an American supplier, but we see more and more the model year things are going up so more that the tile business is going up,” Jongbloet said. “The LVT businesses is going up, so we have to try to find our niches as not an American supplier where things are produce locally, and we can come in via distribution.”

“This is quite a good show in the sense that it is a giving us the opportunity to meet new perspective customers,” said Christophe Pouille Balsan, deputy general manager, Balsan. “We are focusing on French couture, which is a solution-dyed recycled yarn which is giving some creativity on the floor and with a structure and pattern so we can deliver something creative.”

Pouille said he is quite optimistic for the new year as the company plans to puruse new business in the United States as well in hospitality and office specification.

“We are a strong player in Europe, but effectively outside of Europe we are now partnering with many different people who are very pleased to see the French way of presenting textile flooring, and that is giving us some extra energy.

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