Arco, Italy -- Aquafil S.p.A. finalized the acquisition O’Mara Inc. for $40.5 million. The deal was completed through the Group’s U.S. subsidiary, Aquafil USA Inc.

O’Mara produces nylon, polypropylene and polyester fibers mainly in solution-dyed colors in its plant based in Rutherford College, N.C. In 2018, O’Mara reported a revenue of $40.1 million. The company will provide access to a broader product range, driving further development of the US market in the athletic apparel, hosiery, fashion and accessories sectors.

As a result of the production activity in the USA, the group will benefit also from the trade agreements between the US federal government and certain Central and South American countries (CAFTA), which allow for exemptions from US tariffs on apparel produced in the latter countries using yarns of US origin.

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