Välinge announced that wood flooring manufacturer Nydree Flooring, based in Forest Park, Va., will launch flooring products using the patented Woodura surface technology in the North American market. The products will be manufactured in Sweden by Välinge Innovation and distributed by Nydree under the Maverick name. Nydree’s Maverick collection will initially consist of seven oak-based UV-finished products.

Nydree has been a producer of wood floors since 2001 and is known for its acrylic-infused engineered wood flooring. Woodura is a reinforced wood surface created by fusing a thin sheet of wood onto a wood fiber core through a powder mix layer. The product is engineered to create “a hardness about three times greater than a traditional solid oak layer,” according to the company.

“We chose to distribute a floor using Woodura technology because it fits perfectly into our brand focus of high performance,” said Jason Brubaker, vice president sales and marketing, Nydree Flooring. “It also allows our client base to specify a Nydree-branded product in spaces they have not been able to in the past, such as hotel guest rooms, condominiums, apartments and other areas where speed of installation, performance and a value-oriented price point are all important.”

The Maverick collection featuring Woodura was launched in May will be sold through Nydree sales representatives to the architecture and design community, but also to hotel owners, multi-family developers, and commercial flooring contractors.

“We are very happy to have Nydree as our first distributor of flooring with Woodura technology,” said Lennart Thålin, region manager North and South America of Välinge Innovation. “The product is a perfect fit in Nydree’s portfolio and proves that there is great potential for a wide, single-tile plank and attractive price in the light commercial sector. We are expecting great success from the launch of Nydree’s Maverick Collection.”

For more information, visit woodura.com and www.nydreeflooring.com.