The Mainstreet collection offers multipurpose carpets that bring beauty and performance for light commercial and residential installations. This collection breaks new ground in styling with carpets featuring patterns and textures. Constructed with Nyluxe, a premier nylon brand made exclusively by Beaulieu Canada.

Solution-dyed Nyluxe carpets are made from very colorfast fibers. "Solution-dyed" means that the color is added during the nylon manufacturing process offering a better color retention. Thanks to this method, Nyluxe carpets are more durable and can be installed in high-traffic areas, active households or even commercial areas without a problem.

Nyluxe fiber offers various benefits such as: excellent resilience and durability, resistance to abrasion, good texture retention, good cleanability and resistance to stains and odors.

New styles include: Axis II 28; Gridlock II; Othon II; Cypher; and Particle.

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