Shaw Contract recently introduced reFrame , a 9x36 in. woven LVT resilient tile that blurs the boundary between hard and soft surface. reFrame sets the stage for both subtle or dramatic color play, transforming spaces with a convergence of tonal gradations and color.

“No longer intrigued by commonly used flat colors and hues, designers are seeking gradients to create energizing, new colors,” said Reesie Duncan, vice president of global design. “reFrame embraces this shift, inspired by ombré textiles, where gradients read as a single color in a range of depth and tone.”

The Shaw Contract Design Studio, looking specifically to textiles with ombré effects, developed a visual with a tonal, fade-out effect, using color transitions with the intention of creating a soothing yet impactful environment. The design team was interested in a tighter weave visual with an ombré appearance and unexpected shifts in color. reFrame creates tonal shifts through each plank. Tonal gradations can be soft and ethereal and also bright and bold. While the collection contains numerous neutral colors for a more subdued aesthetic, reFrame also incorporates bright hues using bursts of teal, green, red, blue, and yellow to refresh and enliven interior spaces.

The collection is manufactured on a Jacquard loom that celebrates the inherent beauty of a woven textile. This intentional design delivers color in both a bright and understated way and provides the ability to create scale with subtle movement in the visual. reFrame woven LVT also has an appreciable texture due to its distinct surface and tactile quality. Artful combination of texture and color makes the collection particularly engaging.

The palette of twelve colorways gives a tonal effect, as each color unites multiple shades woven together to create softly shifting gradients. Subdued neutrals work alongside bright bursts of color for a playfully understated yet impactful effect. Mix and match the color palette to create visual cues for zoning, brand an environment or shape wayfinding.

Layered for strength and fused into a single solid surface, reFrame is made to resist stains and scuffing. The Exoguard Quartz Enhanced Urethane finish prevents fraying and creates a barrier that stops spills and dirt from penetrating the woven fabric, allowing for easier clean up. A stabilizing composite layer ensures product integrity. reFrame is also ortho phthalate free and is a Floor Score IAQ Certified Low VOC material.

Now, more than ever, designers are creating spaces that inspire and engage. reFrame embraces and elevates this more nuanced approach; its skillful combination of color and texture invigorates spaces and brings interiors to life in captivating new ways.

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