Shaw Contract recently introduced a new product category, PET Resilient, made from 40% post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET), that is a celebration of materiality and high-performance. In a quest to continue its advancements in sustainability, Shaw Contract has put materiality at the forefront, creating a product with strong performance attributes to make a positive impact on the built environment. Combined with the agility of digital printing methods, this hard surface collection offers designers the ability to make choices about material, pattern, color and sustainability from one unique portfolio of products.

Environmental highlights of this product line include: 16 recycled bottles per square foot, 64 recycled bottles per plank, and no plasticizers, chlorine, or PVC. In addition to the outstanding sustainability of this product line, the top coat provides superior scratch and dent resistance. The collection also has double the dimensional stability of standard resilient flooring, 1500 PSI, excellent sound abatement, a 5mm thickness (no transitions needed between PET resilient and most carpet tile), no telegraphing, and the ability to be installed on a subfloor with high moisture content with the use of proper adhesives.

“Plastic waste is a global problem, and Shaw Contract’s new PET Resilient is an example of design’s ability to make a meaningful impact,” said John Stephens, vice president of marketing for Shaw Contract. “We are thrilled to be the first to utilize a valuable PET waste stream and to create a hard surface flooring line that can be recycled again and again.”

Palette will be the first collection to come from the PET Resilient line. It is the first to utilize 100% PET, with no PVC or plasticizers. Starting with a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content, its trajectory aims to dramatically increase the use of PCC plastics to minimize Shaw Contract’s carbon footprint. Shaw Contract also offers free reclamation and recycling for the collection to be used for future orders of the collection.

Utilizing digital printing, the Palette collection features four distinct visual groupings, each with its own unique aesthetic providing architects and designers with one curated portfolio that they can utilize to create solutions for any space. Palette One offers a tactile visual with pairings that can be colorful and abstract or subdued and traditional. Cerulean has the appearance of painted plaster in powder blue; Industrial features a medium tone concrete visual; Rift offers a light, natural wood aesthetic; and Twill, which features a woven textile visual in a terra cotta-like hue.

Palette Two is the result of combining experimental and traditional visuals to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic palette. Composite features a carrara marble-like aggregate that is both traditional and sophisticated; Hue has a vivid green painted plaster effect; Multi utilizes a compilation of colors in one terrazzo visual for a playful look; and Woodgrain offers a medium-tone wood visual to round out this collection of visual options.

Palette Three features hand-drawn elements and visuals with textures that are tactile in appearance. This palette can be used to create a uniquely interesting and daring space. Gallery is a solid with a vibrant cobalt blue hue; Mosaic features a small scale aggregate visual that provides fun and sophistication; and Outline which has a linear, organic quality with a grid effect. Watercolor is a hand-drawn visual that contrasts with the other visuals in the palette.

Palette Four offers a selection of patterns that evoke an industrial feel. Aggregate which features a small-scale terrazzo aesthetic; Geo has a dynamic and colorful geometric design inspired by gift wrap patterns; Graphite has the appearance of charcoal gray painted plaster; and Tweed provides a grayscale textile visual.

“As the impact of the built environment on human health and wellness rises in importance, performance remains a necessity,” said Reesie Duncan, vice president of global design for Shaw Contract. “Palette checks all the boxes by providing material health, superior sound abatement and outstanding performance at half the weight. We’re excited to introduce something so beautiful and sustainable to the market.”

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