Durkan recently launched Transpositions, a collection inspired by mathematical concepts, alongside its new PDI carpet tile program. This versatile carpet tile collection transforms spaces into an interchangeable design landscape and provides one-of-a-kind experiences for hospitality guests.

In mathematics, transpositions are permutations of a set of elements that interchange two elements and leaves the remaining elements in their original position. We like to think that the world of math and the world of design have little in common but the truth is that when these two disciplines come together, magic can happen.

Through the PDI program, bold, sweeping hospitality designs are partnered with the convenience of tile in an array of patterns that can be installed to create a one of a kind installation. Available in 12 designs and featuring 12x36 in. plank tiles and coordinating 24x24 in. modular tiles.

For more information, visit durkan.com.