Industry requirements and customer feedback have inspired First Mats to add a new type of safety flooring to its range of rubber matting. As specialist providers of industrial health and safety mats, this addition is a welcome, affordable option for those seeking to install a safe and protective floor surface.

Studded rubber flooring offers users a durable option for two common workplace situations. Firstly, this style of protective flooring is an excellent option to either protect a floor from damage or replace the surface of an already damaged floor. This leads to great cost savings, by extending the lifetime of the base layer of the floor or offering a quick and cheap alternative to fully refurbishing or replacing a damaged floor.

Secondly, this mat offers a reliable method for increasing the grip of any surface. This is of paramount importance in work areas where users are in danger of slips and falls. The matting is made from natural rubber materials and adopts a coin-shaped or studded pattern to increase traction and limit the chance of slips.

With good wear and slip resistance, as well as resistance against mild acids and alkalines, studded rubber flooring is a smart option for those that need a durable and cost-effective workplace flooring. This product works well for the majority of commercial situations, including walkways, corridors, stairwells and workshop floors.

“The addition of studded rubber flooring to our range represents our first step into the flooring market," said Richard O'Connor, marketing and strategy director for First Mats. "We want to be able to cater for all of the flooring needs of our customers, to ultimately provide them with a better experience and service.”

With flexibility in mind, the new First Mats studded rubber flooring is available in two thicknesses (3mm & 4.5mm), can be cut to custom lengths, and is offered in either black or gray.

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